SUMI and SHU Yuri Shimojo Opening Reception


SUMI and SHU Yuri Shimojo
04.21.2018(sat) - 05.13(sun) Close on Monday

Opening Reception
04.20 Fri 5pm - 8pm Advance registered only

SUMI - the Japanese word for black ink. SHU - the Japanese word for cinnabar ink.

I began "SUMI and SHU" series in 2000 from my fascination with the inks and their intricate ties to history, including shamanic rituals around the world. The power between these two colors showcase the unique Japanese aesthetics and to me illustrate a yin and yang balance of stillness and movement.

When I share SUMI and SHU, viewers often connect with their own culture and heritage to my forms. The series has evolved beyond my personal Japanese aesthetic interests to broader intuitive iconography in my exploration of universal translation in these primal color combinations.

In my editions, I work closely with a master printer to reproduce my original paintings and the ink most faithful color to SHU.


Yuri Shimojo ( b. 1966 in Tokyo ) is a Japanese painter lives and works between NY and Kyoto. In her youth she practiced the Japanese traditional performing arts for 20 years. She spent many years between Hawaii and Brooklyn prior to moving her studio in Kyoto in 2014. These experiences between cultures have influenced her work throughout her life and continue to bring new sources of inspiration today.

Fri Apr 20, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST
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